Looking for someone who has a bunch of sword ferns growing on their property who wouldn't mind having us come by and thin them out a bit. They are prolific here in the wet northwest. Maybe a trade?
I am looking for a metal bench vice. Not over kill, but big enough to handle bending an pounding some silverware and small size tubing.
This may be a long shot but I'm trying to find a freezer either a mini one or a chest one. It dont matter if its dirty as long as it works my family would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance
Looking for a baby gate - new puppy arriving!
Looking for exercise equipment for a teen workout room. An elliptical would be great anything else would be appreciated as well.
I'm looking for a dresser. Prefer a short&wide one if possible but I'll look at whatever you have.
Looking for a toddler bed for little girl in need. Thank you in advance!!
Seeking reusable (preferred) or throw away diapers. My bestest friend in the whole world has gotten too old to hold his pee-pee. :( Such is life. :) Taking it in stride but cannot afford doggie diapers (and can't get human ones to stay on him). He is a 15 year old, 60 lb Staffordshire Terrier. Thank you!
If anyone has a baby gate which doesn't require any special installation or drilling of holes, and you are no longer using it I would gladly take it off your hands.
I'm looking for a working iron. My boys have so many cute button up shirts but they have wrinkles so bad that the dryer is not getting all the wrinkles out. So if anyone by chance has one they could part with i would love to take it off your hands and it would be greatly appreciated and used often :) Thanks for reading!
Im looking for ramps or tracks or even one of those neat rugs for my 2 boys to play with. They have lots of hot wheel cars and many other types of cars and trucks so i know they would just love to have stuff they could play with there cars on.
Looking for the Disney Little Mermaid DVD for daughter's birthday party.
Looking for a drafting table for my husband. Good condition. Doesn't need to be anything fancy. Thank you!
If anybody has any extra pumpkins I would love to have three of them for my granddaughters. Two medium size and a smaller one for my youngest granddaughter but I'm not picky and will take what is offered. They are supposed to come over next weekend and carve pumpkins like they do every year with grandma but unexpected bills has caused me to be low on cash this month. Thank you Keligrl36@yahoo.com
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