Looking for household items. Working used washer and dryer. A set of silverware. Mixing bowls. Bookcases. Hooded cat box. Cookie sheets.
I just posted this a couple days ago as an "offer" - my mistake. I'm looking for wood picture frames, with or without glass or with broken glass, any size. Just need to be wood, sturdy, not painted. If you have any "hanging" around you don't want, I'll will take them off your hands! Thanks!
m looking for any Christmas decorations and lights. I suffer from major depression and it has been pretty bad lately. I'm trying to decorate to get into the holiday spirit and out of the slump i have been in so I can be cheerful for my 3 kids. I dont have much money let alone extra money to spend on decorations so i will be greatful for any and all i can get. Im located on the westside of Olymp...
Im looking for any and all Paw Patrol toys. I have 2 & 3 year old boys and they just love paw patrol. If anyone has any that are no longer being played with or wanting to get rid of i would love to take them off your hands. Thanks so much in advance! God Bless & Happy Holidays
Im looking for some sort of shelving unit either metal/wire or hard durable plastic. would prefer taller rather then wide. I'm needing it for extra storage for my canned and dry foods because i dont have very many cupboards. Thanks in advance!
I am looking for a fairly hefty bench vice. I am wanting to make silverware jewelry. I am guessing a 5" or 6" jaw would work for my needs. Something that will take some pounding. Thank you in advance.
We are making a cold frame and want to protect the window glass from critters standing on it. Looking for some sort of metal grid (perhaps slotwall type) - 21 1/2 x 29 or two 21 1/2 x 14. If the grid is bigger, we can probably cut it down. THANKS!
I make soap and would like a table so I can sell at craft fairs. Can trade for 4 bars of soap - 18 dollar value. Lemon, Cafe Au lait, or mint
i am in need of some firewood. i have no money to pay for wood. i cant afford to run the wall heaters. i also would need it delivered. i am 62 and on soc security. please if anyone can help. comunity action turned me down.
I'm trying to gathet a good amount of newspaper to use for a couple pinatas im going to be making for my boy's birthdays. im located in west olynpia close to the hospital. Thanks in advance!
Anyone have exercise/resistance bands that they aren't using anymore? Thanks for the consideration!
We are making holiday trees for a charity auction and would love to be able to find some in good condition for free that we can spruce up, especially tall ones. We would also love a pink one too - to raise funds to prevent breast cancer! Thank you!
I am out of work for a year due to a very bad injury and major surgery. My phone died. I need another to schedule P.T. and doctor appointments. Please help me if you can. Thank you! Mike ** **MOD:REMOVED PHONE NUMBER TO COMPLY WITH FREECYCLE POLICIES.
I'm looking for a mirror with thin glass, broken or not. Thanks!